"Mr. Fantastic from the fantastic four. He's got arms made of elastic so they can stretch for two maybe three hundred miles. He's been imprisoned in a cave for seven days with no food and no water and no light. And on the eighth day, he manages to loosen a rock and push his way up through the top. And up into the daylight, just as the sun is coming up over the mountains and filling the sky with this white yellow light. And there's a stillness. And in the few minutes he's got before his captor—the evil Dr. Doom—returns, he stops for one second. And all he can hear is his own breathing. And he's totally overwhelmed by how big the world is, and how small and unimportant he is. And as he turns around, you see his face look to the sky and he says very quietly, so that no one can hear him, he says, "Dazlious"
-Snow Cake
8.9.07 15:33

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